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Inkjet Photo Paper

    1. Glossy Photo Paper

      The glossy photo paper is a type of cast coated paper with a glossy white surface. This cast coated photo paper is water resistant, making the printing ink instant dry on its surface. The high glossy inkjet photo paper supports high resolution up to 5760 dpi.

    1. Matte Photo Paper

      Colorway matte coated inkjet photo paper is specially designed for use in the inkjet printers for beautiful photo prints. The inkjet photo paper features special coating on the surface for excellent water resistance.

    1. Self-Adhesive Photo Paper

      Self-adhesive high glossy inkjet photo paper is designed with adhesive backing, and is well compatible with pigment ink. This photographic paper features instant dry, high gloss and bright white, making it suitable for various creative presentations, displays or signs. In addition, it can work on all types of inkjet printers.

    1. Dual side photo paper

      Dual-sided photo paper realizes photo prints on both sides, which is suitable for printing calendars, manuals, albums, leaflets and much more. A variety of surface finishes are available upon request, including gloss/gloss, gloss/matt and matt/matt.

    1. Photo Paper Rolls

      Large format RC inkjet photo paper rolls are high-class professional photographic papers which can be used to create professional quality photos with excellent image quality and good hand feeling.

Photo Paper

Photo paper is a kind of fine paper specially designed for inkjet printers. Photo papers can be divided into many types according to their weight, brightness, smoothness and opacity.
As a professional photo paper manufacturer in China, we mainly produce various high quality inkjet photo papers which are mainly used for the reproduction of photographs. Our inkjet photo papers are extremely bright white since they are either bleached or processed with titanium dioxide or other special substances. Besides, these inkjet papers are coated with highly absorbent materials which can effectively prevent ink from spreading.
The top quality inkjet photo papers combined with suitable pigment-based ink systems can create color photographs with superior image quality and longevity. The print effect is superior to that worked out through adopting photographic gelatin-based silver halide continuous tone printing methods.

The photo papers may vary in thickness and weight according to their actual usage. In general, the lighter and thinner photo papers have the similar functions with office papers and are suitable for all types of printing. While the thicker photo papers are usually designed with coatings and quick-drying properties. Since only one side has special coating, these inkjet papers can generally be printed on one side. Of course, there are some inkjet papers specially designed for double-sided printing.

Besides, photo paper can be divided into glossy, semi-matte or silk, and matte finishes according to their surface gloss. Glossy photo paper has a shiny and smooth surface. It gives the highest color density and widest color gamut in offset litho printing and traditional photographic printing, and the images on the glossy paper are vivid. Compared to glossy paper, matte photo paper is less shiny and is usually used for text production. However, matte photo papers and glossy photo papers show the similar luster when displayed under glass.
Photo papers can be high brightness neutral white inkjet papers or off-white papers.

As a professional photo paper manufacturer in China, we can provide not only inkjet papers, but also inkjet cartridges, tone cartridges, inkjet canvases, etc. These printing media are widely used in Europe, Africa, America, and Asia, and more.
If you are in need of inkjet papers or other inkjet media, please contact us directly.