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Inkjet Film

    1. Clear Inkjet Film

      Inkjet film is a high quality PET transparent film designed for positive and silk screen printing. This non-waterproof film supports dye ink. This product can improve your print clarity to its best condition. It can be widely used in plate making of black and white presswork, or color presswork such as newspaper, book, screen, trademark, and textile.

    1. Self-Adhesive Inkjet Film

      Colorway PET self-adhesive white ink jet film is a polyester film is designed for printing labels and stickers of various applications. The special coating of this product provides high image resolution, excellent contrast, precise color reproduction, excellent ink absorption, etc. This product has good antistatic property and good thermal stability. The printed image on it is very durable.
      This transparent polyester film is compatible with various inkjet printers no matter using dye or pigment inks. It can quick absorb inks and dry quickly.

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